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Welcome on Magdales !

On this island from another world, surrounded by trolls, elves and other creatures, come join the fight to see which clan will rule this world.
The Neucrasty? With their secret rites of worship?
The Folodoum? Also merchants that crooks?
The Kremianef? Wonderful but greedy builders?
The Dhatalas? Hitting before speaking?
The Vordoloof? Wise and lonely?
The Crosmos? Who love life even to the point of distorting it?

Choose your body (elf, dwarf, orc), join your clan and fight or just convert other habitatnts the island for the triumph.

Registration and play is completely free. Feel free to join the players who travel Magdales already here!

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See you soon!

Keke, director of alternative game online Magdales

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- The rules of the game
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- Information on alternative online games
- The monsters in the game
- A useful glossary for the game
- The Wiki Game
- Forum

Magdales est hébergé par NGswing: a fantastic game inspired by Star Wars

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Voir le forum du jeu
Voir le forum du jeu

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