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Magdales, a game politico-socio-cultural.

Welcome to the kingdom of Magdales. In this game you will face terrible problems (diseases, barbarian hordes, divine wrath), build an empire cultural, religious, political, or simply socialize.

Current version of the game:V6.4.

This game is built in turn-based. Every 5 minutes, you gain a number of action points that allow you to play. Every action on your part (travel, trade, battle) uses a number of your action points.


Magdales is a game of exploration. The goal is to recover the tidy sum of 100 gold (which is a lot of money!).

When 100 Gold Coins donations were made to a current of thought, this philosophy is declared the winner because she has enough money to win for all to see. The game ends when one day later to allow other philosophical currents of winning at the same time, if given the opportunity. It is impossible to steal money provided in grants in a temple enemy. By cons, nothing prevents you from getting the gold on the wearer's body, before he went to the table. After the end of the game, a truce is observed, then the game starts again ... A table of the best players in the history is preserved.

Here is a form of assistance for the game:

Connect to game
Create your character
Descriptif of the main page
Understand his character sheet
Convert infidels
Enter a city
Buy and sell in a store
Negotiate with banks
Change its options
Communicate with other players on IRC and Forum
The internal's game mail
New Game
Know who is connected.
See who we are (the creators of the game)

Login to the game

To connect to the game, he must first have an account. To create an account, press the button " Registration " on the home page. You will be prompted for a user name, a valid email address and a password (enter twice to avoid errors) . The mail will be used only to send you a message containing your username and password. In this email, you will also find a hyperlink, which we ask you to click to confirm your registration. From when you click it, you can play at Magdales. Your mailbox is also used to indicate the restart of a new game (every 4-5 months), or, if you indicate in your options to receive an assessment of your attacks. This option is not checked by default, not spamming unnecessarily new players. ('spamming' stands to receive unsolicited mail, often in large numbers, making your email address very congested or inoperable).

When you have your username and password, please enter it in the dialog box of the homepage (in the right menu).

Then click the OK button on the screen, or tap the Enter key on your keyboard.

You then arrive on the page to create your future character.

The menu at the top left you will log out the game The other menus are shown in the following chapter.


Create your character

To act with the universe of Magdales, you must embody (regain body of an individual's consent.)

When you just start the game, or when you are dead due to failures in combat, we must (re) create your character.

Click the tab " Create character " in the left menu.

You arrive on a page with several choices. Be guided by the information and click OK.

You have therefore chosen a value (low, medium, high) for the 7 characteristics (vigor, intelligence, agility, charisma ...), then a race and finally a religion. You can validate.

Initially (the first incarnation of each part), you can choose between 6 Philosophies of Magdales. Then, when you die, you can choose among philosophies that which you were best at the death of your character. Other religions will no longer appear in the choices (to learn about religions, thank you to consult with their description.)

When you press OK, the game offers a number of bodies to choose from (3 at most). A description tells you the characteristics of these bodies 'livable'. Opposite characteristics is worth more it is high, and this body will be more gifted in this area. Choose carefully to your body because you do not separate more until death occurs.

Death is but a step in Magdales ... While this may sound terrible, in Magdales, you must kill and die. Death does not deprive your mind of all his experience. By cons, of course, your body and all his worldly possessions do you own more. However, if you bought a store, or have it built, this store belongs to your dogma, and you can retrieve it. To do this, simply return to the building, and identify you as the owner. We recommend that you identify as quickly as possible, because your store may be sold during your " lack " and in this case will never be paid any sum of money in compensation."


Descriptif of the main page

That's it, you created a character.

The menu on the left indicates the actions that you: travel, your news, your character sheet ...

When you exit the city, a grid appears, representing the horizon that sees your character. This view, called for traveling. The better perception of your character, the greater his view (and you will see more box).

North is at the top of the page, below the south, east and west right to left. You are always at the center of the map. A menu on the right shows all the places, people or monsters that are on your box. Simply place your mouse over the name of the object, and a javascript menu appears, showing all the relationships you can do with this character. For example, you can see the status of the city, or go inside. Warning! If you do not see this menu, it is possible that your computer is not configured correctly or that your options in the game is not good. If you are a player who is blind or visually impaired, and that this menu is not suitable for your disability, you must change your options to disable the java-script. To do this, go to the menu option and select the option I am a DV player '. The java-script is then replaced by a standard menu, adapted to the Braille tablets.

Below what is called for traveling, is a rose. It is in fact, 9 buttons, allowing the movement of your character. Hover your mouse over it, and you'll see the time (in rounds) that you need to go get a box in the desired direction.

- The move function allows the player movement on the map. To move, simply press a button below (NO: Northwest, N: North, NE: North East, W: West E: East, SO: South-West, S South, SE : Southeast). The map is displayed again after your trip. If the movement is not possible (if you do not have enough action points, or if you can not move), your character does not move, and a text indicates the problem.

- The character sheet shows the characteristics of the body in which you incarnate, and those of you mind living in this body.

- The News indicate an internal message to the game (new versions of the game, for example). They also indicate, for example, if a capital was besieged, or created a new trade route.

A menu appears right when you're on the same area of ??the map as a city, a monster or another player. With this menu, you can fight or send a message to another player. You can also enter a city (this does not cause loss of points of action). You can finally hit a monster.

When you successfully hit a monster or a player you're at war, you gain experience. With enough experience you can gain a level. Represents your level action potential in the world of Magdales: the higher it is, and you're strong in all respects: physically as well as psychically.

For visually impaired players who have difficulty playing, thank you for administrators send by internal mail. We do our best to make the game accessible, unfortunately, we do not have enough feedback from the players DV.


Understand his character sheet

You can access your record of equipment if you are connected, and your character (not just the user!) Was created.

This menu is located in the left menu, right below the menu " Move ". If you click it, you'll see the menu appear, describing your character and its possessions:

Here is a sample file of character:

Species: Orc
Religion: Dhatala (Fire)

Health: 26.90000 / 26.90000
Mana: medium
mana: medium
Charisma: low
Agility: strong
force: superhuman
Incorporation: strong
perception through
mysticism: very low
Intelligence: Low
initiative: strong

Level: 0
Experience: 0

You will find the species and the religion of your character and its characteristics.

Religion is committed to creating a character, and represents the current philosophical thought. The choice of religion has many consequences (according to this choice, you are given an advantage: easier communication, greater care ...). A separate chapter was created to help you understand the meaning of these philosophies.

Characteristics define the type of your character in the world of Magdales. Thus, the character above with a superhuman force to distribute powerful fists, and walk quickly over long distances. By cons, his charisma is low does not help him for any commercial action ...

Mysticism indicates a close link between the character and magic, or belief.

The initiative represents the reaction rate, both physical and intellectual, of a character.

The level and experience characterize his knowledge and adaptation to the world of Magdales. More experience will be great, and the character knows things about the world ... At each learning phase, the player gains a level.

The levels also indicate the power of a player. During a battle, if both players have identical characteristics, the benefit will be given to the person with the highest level.



The equipment consists of hardware, found or bought, that you carry with you. To see a list of such equipment, simply go to the inventory tab on the left menu.

You should see a more or less furnished.

For example:
- 1 stick
- 1 sword
-- 1 arc court
-- a pack of 2 composite bows
- a pack of 7 rations
- A nightcap
- 1 cup
-- a pack of 8 velvet jackets
- 1 boiled leather jacket
- 1 pair of leather boots
- 1 strap iron
- 1 torch

and this is what he has in his purse:
- 283 piece (s) of copper.

To equip your character with a leather jacket for example, go to the tab 'Your equipment' on the left menu

You see a whole combo (white rectangles on the screen, allowing you to select equipment from a list, click on it).

Then select the equipment, such as you would like to see worn by your character. Your choices can be changed at any time.

Then confirm with the button 'Change equipment'.


- To carry a gun spray, requiring ammunition, you must first select the ammunition in one hand.

- A single object can not be both in one hand and in the other. By cons, if you have enough, you can carry 2 iron bracelets, one on each wrist.

- For which of two objects in your possession is the most useful, unequip it. when you click on the dropdown, the objects at the beginning of the list are more efficient than those indicated at the end of the list. So heavy armor protects better than a loincloth.



To hit a monster, you must move on the square through the navigation buttons (the rose window at the bottom of the map screen). When you're on it, a menu appears with a right hand, the monster's name, and secondly, a bright red frame indicating that you can hit him. If the frame is not red, this may be an ally.

Move your mouse over the name of the monster and a tab will appear with a description of the monster and a button 'Fighting'. If you press 'Fighting', your character will attempt to strike a blow to your opponent. Hitting requires a number of action points. You can hit your opponent several times, but beware: if a first blow can be discreet and unexpected, a second shot will not enjoy the same advantage. Sometimes, an enemy that has too often been struck will be as mad. A creature at this stage should be considered dangerous. You will rarely top with a rabid creature.

You earn more experience points if you manage to kill a monster, rather than just the injury. If you kill a creature or an enemy player, you can also get money and loot his remains.

Finally, we must know that you can hit your allies. Under these conditions, a message will appear asking if you really want to do. Hitting an ally can lead to large changes in the alliance game. Hitting or killing an ally you will not ever experience and will diminish your popularity. If your popularity comes down too low, your god forsakes you, and you will not benefit more from life everlasting. This can mean a final death at the next odd ...

When you kill a monster or enemy player, a text indicates he was in possession of parts. You automatically retrieve the money had your opponents when they are dead.

Similarly, if you come to succumb under the blows of a monster or another player, your money it deserves. Your equipment fell at his feet, leaving the leisure ANYONE get it back.



After a fight, it is rare not to be injured. Even the little goblins, although low, can cause damage. In Magdales, like many RPGs, players' health is represented by points. These points are a cursor life health. When the hitpoints down to zero, the player is dead. A player with little point life will be hurt, while a player in good health will be at its maximum point of life.

You regain hit points naturally, every action taken: when you walk, pray, talk, your body heals, the blues disappear, wounds heal. Some species can be treated more quickly, an orc regenerates completely within a day (300 rounds of play). There are 2 ways to speed up the healing process:

- Is magical, asking the priests of the temples to cure you. In this case, you must travel to a city, enter the temple, and seek care. The monks of your religion you are dedicated, and you will heal on demand, and the best way. Others will make you pay for care (and I recall that the mutual will not reimburse!).
- Either by traditional means, by going to the left menu (under 'care'). In this menu, you specify the number of rounds to spend to get treatment. You win as you relax in this way, 3 times more life than naturally.

Convert infidels

The purpose of Magalas is to increase your line of thinking as the most important. Thus, it seems logical that people can be converted effectively to win.

There are two types of conversion: the conversion of populations, and the conversion of NPC (Non Player Character, in the form of monsters scattered about the island of Magdales).

When you enter a city, you can try to convert people. These people once converted you will labor for the construction of buildings religious, economic, etc. (only in the form of role-play for now). In addition, this population will make money in current of thought which they belong.

The conversion of NPC is out of town. When you encounter a non-player, with an intellect to understand the facts of religious, economic, ecological or ideological, a menu button below the 'fight'. The conversion is possible. You specify how long you plan to spend to convert the NPC. A minimum time is required for this conversion. If you do not spend enough time, the NPC may feel bullied or manipulated by your words, and may attack you. Both say that the characteristics of mysticism, intelligence and charisma are especially useful for converting people. If conversion is successful, the enemy will deny his previous religion, and the agnostic will become loyal to your current philosophical. It is very difficult to convert an enemy, especially if it belongs to a tribe chaotic beasts.


Enter a city

When you're on the same box as a city, its name appears on the right. By clicking on its name, a menu with 2 links: Entering and Information.

Reports indicate under what is domination the city, as its name.

If you enter a city, you'll see a menu appear with the main buildings that constitute the city. (Buildings that have no influence on the game are not represented, not to distract the player.)

You can enter any of these buildings.

The temples of your religion can heal yourself, and make donations. Donations are the means of financing that allows your philosophical to impose itself on other currents. When a religion has an amount of funding over 100 gold, she won the game when you have enough money (at least the equivalent of a gold coin), you can propose it as a gift.

If you want to see the list of buildings available in the game (currently in the game and work in process of creation) Click on buildings


Buy and sell in a store

To sell, you must first find a store could buy your property.

To do this, you must move to a city where you can find stores.

To enter a city, you must put your character on a square city. A menu on the left shows you a city, and in the dropdown menu, you can see the 'Enter'. Click here to enter.

You open a menu like this one, so below:

Your religion was already established in this city. Here are your buildings reserved:
- Cathedral (Cathedral)

You can interact with the following buildings:
- City Hall (City Hall)
- Commerce (Commerce)
- Tavern of the two kingdoms (Tavern)
- Opera (Opera)
- Park (Park)
- Bibliotheque (Library)
- Erein Forge (Forge)

Out of town

Click on the name of one of the stores. Forging, for example, can sell and buy weapons. Let's go!

You will see two tables:

The top one represents the store, and the lower your inventory may be of interest to the merchant. Each line indicates a property to buy (on the list of merchant) or sell (in your list). A price is displayed before each object name, indicating either the purchase price or sale price. Generally, the price is for a good, but occasionally some items purchased per package (eg arrows in groups of 10).

You can buy or sell piece by piece, or directly a defined amount of property. For this second method, you must specify the number to buy / sell in the box provided for that purpose and validation.

Whatever your transaction, your character will try to haggle (there are no small savings.) A successful bargain will reduce the purchase price of the property, or increase its selling price. Haggling failed, will not be shown, so as not to overload the player.


Negotiate in Banks

In some larger cities you can find banks. They are very well kept places where you can exchange your coins cons parts of another currency, or cons of the precious stones.

For the sake of clarity, bankers highest rates in their primary enclosure as follows:

RATE copper coin(s)silver coin(s)Gold coin(s)
1 copper coin cost X 0 0
1 silver coin cost 100 X 0
1 gold coin cost 10000 100 X

At left is the room where we would like to know the exchange rate. At the top, correspondence and the intersection between the rows and columns, are the values ??match.

For example, we see that in this bank, a gold coin cost 10,000 copper coins.

Conversely we see that a copper coin is worth nothing, neither gold nor silver. Often, banks held by humans, we come to infer that if we can exchange a silver coin cons 100 pieces of copper, then later when we have 100 pieces of copper, we can exchange cons another piece of silver. Unfortunately, this is not true at all banks, because for foreign currencies, it is not uncommon that the bank takes a commission on the exchange.

Thus, if we can buy 200 teeth troll with 100 pieces of gold, and that converts the 200 gold teeth troll, one obtains more than 50 gold and a big smile attendant.

Banks should therefore be used with caution, and only knowing.


Change its options

When you click the menu 'options', we see the following page:

Party Game:
Change the name of Character:
Change avatar (an image that identifies you):
(For the Avatar, which he entered, it is a url or web address, starting with http://votreimage.jpg.)
Modify the description of the character:
Does not indicate the strength of Monsters:
Attack any opponent coming within one small area:

Technical Part:
Change the password:
Edit your email address:
Receive ads from conflict-mail:
Do not display menus java-script:
Do not display large images (for 56k connection or less):

You can change the options as you see fit. If you do not want to be disturbed by mail (on average one email every 4-5 months), you can simply delete the email. Up to you then to learn a new one, if you wish to receive emails.


Help on the declaration page RD.

The board is a team of your religion that deals with religious relations.

With counseling, you may decide to declare war on another religion or otherwise, become allies.

The board met every week or so. You can check the status of the board every day, some of you may even participate. To be able to influence diplomatic relations, it must first be influential in your religion. This influence is represented by the degree of your character. To learn how to have a degree, just read the rules of the game

The screen diplomatic relations is divided into two similar tables. These tables contain a list of actions that have been criticized by players: " I was attacked " or " The Neucrasty in an act of generosity, spun me three pieces of silver. "

Alongside these actions, there are three values. The actions complained of by the players can be explained to the board in different ways. Players therefore have the opportunity to play down the history, raise, or tell a completely neutral. The bonus varies depending on how the story was explained to the board. If the bonus value is negative, the action will be perceived as bad, and diplomatic relations deteriorate. If the value is positive, the action will be complimentary and will enhance diplomatic Realtions.

One action may be perceived differently from one religion to another: a good fight can be seen by the Dhatala; the death of a condiciple Neucrasty not as important ...

Depending on your rank and your religion, you can not underestimate or increase a number of actions by Council. So you have five days to decide.

Note: An action denounced and was not taken into account for 15 days is automatically destroyed.

Note (again): The role play and quests can quickly create actions denounced.

Summary of actions to affect diplomatic relations between the two religions.

- B talks to A (establishment of an interaction)
- A therefore has an interaction with B that it may terminate in a temple.
- A is a temple of religion and condemns this action.
- Z, A can best support its termination for the next council.
- Z supports the information (he plays down or increase if desired.)
- One week later, the council notes and impairs its diplomatic position with the religion of B.

Communicate with other players on IRC and Forum

These 2 methods have been developed to help communication between players.

IRC: just click on the IRC, to change the name if necessary, and confirm. You arrive on the IRC chanel (one page on which it is said that you are connected). To try it, type text and press the Enter key. The text should appear on the screen. You can chat with all those connected. I urge you to inform you on how to use IRC to find out what you can do (change the text color for example).

Forum: it is fragmented into several sections, which include the following main parts:

- Support to the game: the aid is reserved for reading. You'll find the rules, tips and ideas for interpretation.
- Interpretation Quiz (Roleplay): it is reserved for everyone ... You can put the pieces of your creation to share with others. These texts are then sorted and ranked according to the different sections.
- Free: for everyone. Private parties will be created for that guilds can communicate directly.
- Suggestions / changes / bugs: If you have any ideas or comments ...

I recall that in the forums and on IRC, the common language is French. We apologize for any spelling errors, typos and other imperfections ... but we allow ourselves to remove portions of public texts written in telegraphic style and SMS or text that does not justify their presence in the forum.


omniscient tchat

Messaging is omniscient provision to all the players to enable a chat, coordination of actions, questions about the game, etc. .. As the forum, the common language is French. There is no subversive About Contact tolerated.

To connect, just write the message in the box at the bottom of page and click the 'Submit'

The message s'horodate and appears in last position. Deplus, all players can read the last 5 rows in the messaging bar at the top of the page.

To access this page, you must click on the email at the top of the page.


New Game (link to news page)

Magdales is a game whose development is cooperative (free contribution). This means that all players, with a little technical and time before they can improve the game(See link Help to inspire you on opportunities to participate in its improvement.

The game is not cast in stone, and, on a monthly basis, improvements are noted. These improvements are listed in news news of the game take into account the versioning, practical information and general information search.


Know who is connected(link to this page Who's Online)

This page displays a list of players who have logged fewer than 5 minutes. This page is useful to organize meetings for example, or whether eavesdroppers lurking when you want plannifier surprise attacks.

In the game, you can see who is online by going to the omniscient mail (mail button at the top of the page). You will see below, the list of players who have logged fewer than 5 minutes.)


Who are we (the creators of the game)?


We are two programmers (Gurney and Keke) want to experiment with the creation of video games, the use of php pages, the integration of CSS, HTML website creation, management database and use Apache ... All this is done in our spare time, and that is why the project not always the speed at which we would like to move forward. Our very good friends make up for our meager writing skills and graphics. Although they do not always understand all dialects computer, they support us in our projects.

We hope that this game will amuse you as much as we had fun to make.

This game has been designed to entertain participants. Inspired by the superb play NGSWING, directed by Master Kin, we wanted to add a political dimension, economic, and move to a world that suits us most: Medieval Fantasy (or, in other words, the world of Tolkien). So you're in the mood Magdales. In this world, humans have reached a critical stage. For almost 900 years that no invention has pierced, and the people under the yoke of tyrants, is seeking a new lifestyle. A god, finding his account, has distilled his knowledge to a witch living in this world. This new messiah then preached the gospel to the people. Other gods who attended this miracle, decided to do the same thing. Thus six ancient philosophies have reemerged from their depths, to go fight on the ground of Magdales. Lots of mysteries and surprises will await you in this world still unknown.

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