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How to play

Magdales is an adventure fantasy. In such time, you play a character that will evolve in a world at the time of the Middle Ages. In this world you will be brought to experience all sorts of adventures, and you will act accordingly.

Overall, everything is played using the mouse: move, trade, aid, etc.. You also have some keyboard shortcuts to help you.

Each of your actions cost a certain number of revolutions or action points. You regain a turn every 5 minutes.

First, you need to embody a character. This is not painful, do not worry! Your god willing to see you spread his teaching, and bring him fame and wealth offered a better life to a person from Magdales. This is an individual who you voluntarily "give up its" worldwide Magdales. Try not to lose it now!

Then, once you have your body, you will have to accomplish the mission that you confiéée: Collect 100 gold and give them to your religion.

At first, things will not be easy. You are not familiar with religious teachings, and have difficulty redistributing, you are attacked by a myriad of monsters who do not wish your death. Finally, other wise will be chasing you to destroy you. Gradually, however, you will manage to strike a balance between your strength and charisma to be able to escape the traps that you are tense, either send monsters to fight your opponents.

Good luck and good game!


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