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Glossary of melee weapons
Glossary arms ammunition
Glossary of ammunition for weapons
Glossary of secondary weapons
Glossary arcs
Glossary of ammunition bow
Glossary crossbows
Glossary of crossbow ammo
Glossary of fronds
Glossary of ammunition sling
Glossary protections
Glossary of helmets
Glossary of the jackets
Glossary gloves
Glossary of pants
Glossary Boots
Glossary bracelets
Glossary of amulets
Glossary belts
Glossary of Foods
Glossary of containers
Glossary of light elements
Glossary of ammunition for light object
Glossary of useless quest items
Glossary of furnishings
Glossary of ingredients
Glossary of Herbs
Glossary of Mineral
Glossary potions
Glossary of Ingredients living
Glossary of Ingredients Organic
Glossary of ingredients spoils
Ingredient Glossary of various objects
Glossary of Ingredients construction
Glossary of wild animals
Glossary Pets
Glossary of animals tamed

Status of Religions

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Games won
Hall finished the game on 12 December 2005
Hall finished the game on 2007 05 01


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- A portrait drawing from photos.
- Magdales : a town in the heart of France?
- The website of the charity for lepers and former Leper of Senegal
- Semiology: Discovery of this science.
- Riton crank, a funny musician barrel organ.
- Raouf Jadou, a friend actor with great potential
- The homepage of the website design creations Myrine
- A link to the page FancyFullMoon ...
- Lean Concept: a fast and appropriate for weight loss
- A link to the radiators RSO double inertia ...

News of the game
Current version
Honor table
Quest's Message
As predicted the oracles ...
End of Part One.
La resurection Tram Zug Lhi

Roleplay's message
Vive les Vordoloofs
more ... more ...
A mission not cotton (for Tigrou_bis)
The adventure of cuicui71
Keke's forgiveness toward Tigrou_bis
Arriving in Nougeria
The elf talent
Rabies Tigrou_bis
And his soul went up into the sky ...
Minigeek and was not a shadow of himself ...
See the novel by Ween
Looking for my brother
And flute!
Guild Elven blacksmiths
Looking for the perfect weapon!
Presentation of the orc Rrukh
The Awakening
The arrival of Rodavkrad
The waiver by hothead
The hungry wolves!
The origin of Vordoloofs!

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Sacred texts.
Sacred texts.
Sacred texts.
Lexicon of the letter A
Glossary B
Lexicon of the letter C
Lexicon of the letter D
Glossary letter E
Lexicon of the letter F
Glossary letter G
Lexicon of the letter H
Lexicon of the letter I
Lexicon of the letter J
Lexicon of the letter K
Glossary letter L
Lexicon of the letter M
Lexicon of the letter N
Lexicon of the letter O
Lexicon of the letter P
Glossary letter Q
Lexicon of the letter R
Glossary letter S
Glossary letter T
Glossary letter U
Lexicon of the letter V
Lexicon of the letter W
Lexicon of the letter X
Lexicon of the letter Y
Lexicon of the letter Z

- Vordoloof
- Crosmos
- Dhatala
- Kremianef
- Neucrasty
- Folodoum
- Neutrals
- Bètes

- Vordoloof (Wind)
- Crosmos (Life)
- Dhatala (Fire)
- Kremianef (mining)
- Neucrasty (Death)
- Folodoum (Water)
- Neutral (no religion)
- Beasts (no element worship)
Bestiary: Human
Bestiary: Elf
Bestiary: Orc
Bestiary: Troll
Bestiary: Dwarf
Bestiaire : Kobol
Bestiary: Minotaur
Bestiary: Wolf
Bestiary: Crimtaugle
Bestiary: Giant Spider
Bestiary: Wisp
Bestiary: Insect Swarm
Bestiary: Centaur
Bestiary: Monkey Man
Bestiary: Elementary
Bestiary: Fox

Engineers Kremianef
Warriors Dhatala
The Messengers Vordoloof
Guild Folodoum
The Knights Crosmos
Harvesters Neucrasty
The Agnostics (without religion)
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