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formers' eupatoire :

Another name for agrimony, perennial herb whose stem, cylindrical , erect, hairy and simple can reach 40-50 cm. The alternate leaves are deeply dissected leaflets lanceolate, deeply toothed , ashy green below and hairy on both sides. Flowers, yellow , grouped in terminal spike , bloom from June to August . Fruit, membranous , is enclosed by the calyx . Agrimony love the desert , bushes , roadsides . According to Pliny the leaf decoction were good for the liver. She came into the composition of many balms, ointments and vulnerary due to its astringent properties. Slight infusion replaces tea, especially in the northern region of its name or tea north . Dalechamps says it is beneficial for chronic disorders of the liver, bladder and kidneys. It is beneficial in cases of diarrhea, should be avoided in people prone to constipation. For diabetes associated with black mulberry and blueberry gives it to ? Excellent results. To strengthen its action associated with the olive will be regulating hypertension, and diabetes. Associate blackcurrant was a DMARD use in a cure. Wizards ensured that this plant flowers fade instantly as soon as you enter a house inhabited by a demon . They also wore out the Agrimony Bedtime those they wanted to harm in their pillow stuffing . Kept the charm that when removed the pillow.

La définition provient de and sumerize by Sira67.

ergot :

Ergot (Claviceps purpurea) is a fungus that attacks the inflorescences (ears) of most grasses and especially those of rye. Ergot is a problem both in conventional agriculture that organic farming. Indeed, Fungicide treatments applied with the seed or ground are not very effective against ergot.

La définition provient de Definition from website :

long sword :

The long swords were preferred in tournaments because they were more impressive and they lend themselves more to the decor. Less convenient than the short sword, the long sword at all so the advantage to hit hard, and crack armor. <br> In Magdales game, this type of sword sharp factor 26 points.

short sword :

The short sword was one of the first swords to spread ... using only few materials, the price was not too high. It is characterized by a short blade (40cm) and a very small guard that protects the hand of the wearer. However, this sword is handy in combat melee. <br> Power drilling = 14

bastard sword :

Reproduction of a bastard sword slice. The original model was used in the fighting in melee. The adjective "bastard" gave the sword comes from the length of the handle, which is a hand and a half, the second hand coming to rest on the pommel

La définition provient de <a href=""> bastard sword on</a>.

elfic sword :

This sword is made ??for those who have a very agile, she is made to be effective, magner quickly and clothing!

La définition provient de tristan.

platinum sword :

The platinum sword was designed by a great magician. Forged with platinum, the metal piercing the dragon's scales, it becomes a formidable weapon for those who are not comfortable in archery. Magdales on this item has a power of attack of 52, which has its origins in the card game (52 cards)

La définition provient de Fotdortograf.

military training :

Military training is a complete education in the use of weapons of physical training, combat simulation and training especially this requires respect for his superior. The gold of this training is repeated the same gesture to the fully mastered. Young people are often attracted to that kind of thing his muscles develops, which is very useful for a young fighter.

La définition provient de aurain.

incensory :

object used by the monks to purify a place.

La définition provient de Magdales dictionary.

coarse tail feather :

The tail is used to balance an arrow during its flight. It usually consists of three feathers attached to the boom was also called the tube. These feathers have a 120 degree angles between them. Here, the tail being rude it only consists of feathers of poor quality, or even leather in some cases.

La définition provient de Own by Magdales dictionnary.

embargo :

1 / Maritime: Defense against merchant ships are in port to get out. 2 / General: Measure to prevent the free movement of goods, of an object. In Magdales, the embargo will block the arrival of some resources in cities, and may destabilize the local economy: Ban on iron, embargo on food. It should however be wary of retaliation because an embargo in the Middle Ages meant almost immediately, a declaration of war.

La définition provient de Encyclopedic dictionary of the French language. Suitable for game Magdales..

Elf :

Elf designates several creatures with very different appearances, behind legendary little people from the Nordic and Germanic mythology, which survive today in Scandinavian folklore, where elves were originally minor gods of nature and fertility. The character was later included in the literature, as a wonderful element of fairy tale and fantasy.

La définition provient de

Education :

Education is the directed development of physical, mental and intellectual faculties of individuals, and the result of this development. We distinguish four main areas: - Knowledge, which is the intellectual knowledge, - Know-how, which is the practical knowledge - Being, which corresponds to the physical and mental state of the subject - Knowledge being, which is the ability to produce actions and reactions adapted to the environment in which the subject is

La définition provient de Wikipedia and Sira67.

ecuelle :

Container in which the alchemist puts ashes or sand, that it heats according to certain rules, on which he puts the flask or philosophical egg

La définition provient de ABC of alchemy.

ebony :

This tree grows only in warm, rocky mountains. Especially located in the original territory of the elves, his wood, so dark and shiny in the light had to the end * oxalic acid crystals in it makes it a very rare and very expensive precious material. It is often used as a material for carving giving beautiful objects, worked only by those "cabinet" one call. * Oxalic acid and oxalates are toxic substances that are found in many plants.

La définition provient de Askorn.

water :

Formula H2O, the water molecule is a molecule that ampholyte hand through the autoprotolysis constantly into oxonium ion H3O + and HO hydroxide, the product of the concentration of its two species still remaining constant at 10 ^ -14 mol per liter ... Or in other words: the water that's clear liquid that everyone knows and I think that there is really no need to explain in long, wide and across what is ^^

La définition provient de Aerindur.

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