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Here is background music created by a player of Magdales.

This is the story of Magdales.

This island is the last remnant of a very old story. Its shape and size suggest that Magdales is a volcanic island, but the legend is for once much closer to the truth than science.


Originally Magdalestrüm no. Different continents around the globe gathered in one huge territory with no map exists. The elders also argue that the size of the continent made any complete exploration possible. The familiar territory covered some hundreds of millions of miles wide ... provided that no man could never see everything or know everything about this world, and no empire could not think of rule over a large area. Different species were able to differentiate themselves from animals, sporadic turf wars and exploding here and there in a precarious balance of peace. Some species were decimated, others took the contrary, over some time, before being dethroned. Some species were able to advance technologically to be strong enough. These were the only species that could hope to prosper as long.

Time passed, bringing the radiation is expected from the sky and sun, to allow species to grow, or frost and darkness that ruthlessly exterminated species are not sturdy enough.

Humans made a good figure to climate change. They managed to withstand the harshest winters, with their fur coats, and could eat by hunting and fishing. The elves seemed to live outside time, outside the conflict and the seasons. Nothing seemed to reach them.

Then came the turn of the orcs, dwarves who could resist, some by violence, hiding in cities built by the hard men, and the other through trade: Precious Minerals cons of food.

Companies were forged through various alliances, then came the emergence of vast empires on the sidelines which grew numerous colonies. But that was as large corporations, can not ever managed to complete the entire world map. No wise man could not predict whether the universe was spread even further into the mountains to the east, or if the desert was not that simple Uzuahel temporary limit, and an even larger universe then stretched ?

The expedition

Many empires sent expeditions to find a limit to this universe, but all shipments are brought back only one response ... "The world still spreads well beyond the distance that was crossed .. . "

This fact did not prevent governments struggle to reclaim land nearby, while other land was neither used nor even discovered.

Religious currents then appeared. First-called philosophers who explained the world and messiahs, architects, visionaries, wizards came from distant lands ... etc.. All had their say, and this in total confusion.

Soon the empire, although too large to contain these new dicours were divided according to the philosophical beliefs stewards sub-empires. Bloody revolts, new armies, mercenaries were to make their appearance. In a bloodbath, all empires succumbed to anarchy and awash in dissent. It is said that none had the upper hand.

This war lasted over 800 years: it was a chaos, a technical and social regression ruthless. Strategic alliances unimaginable ... Armies of elves and trolls fighting against orcs allied with goblins and dwarves. The species was more important: only had his clan.

In this inextricable chaos could last for several millennia, there appeared an unknown god in the form of gigantic hydra. His power was proportional to the depth of his gaze unfathomable. She looked at the different religions, and called upon their respective gods. Six forms then appeared. A struggle began between this beautiful dragon and the other deities.

The hydra was victorious, and left for dead the other deities. The sages, who had beheld the spectacle, were ordered to engrave in stone what they had seen.

Then the dragon shook its mane opulent, and took what he had given the men there was this so long: an extraordinary garden of Eden, where one could go in any direction and watch a show again . For the Hydra was the creator of this world.


Hairs of the mane fell, and flew in the wind ... So screamed the hydra, and the world disappeared. Only a small area was spared. This area was demarcated by the presence of hair on his mane. The dragon then blew ashore with all his jaws, and mounds of earth became apparent where the fire of his breath had swept the ground. The earth shook and the ground is restructuring ... Thus was built the island of Magdales.

The Hydra disappeared, and during 8000 years, living beings recolonisèrent volcanic soil. This time, the space was narrow enough that the world is quickly divided into seven separate empires. The various wars fought various neighbors during this period that resulted were a few casualties, and depletion of material resources of the island. Realizing their mistakes, a tacit agreement was reached between the different powers, never to wage war. Jousts were held so that the most warlike soldiers can express themselves. Overall, the weapons were converted to hunt the beasts (demons, who had also survived the destruction of the world). In this state of uneasy peace that has lasted nearly 350 years, you player, come in. ...

Narrator: Keke.

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