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Creatures of the universe of Magdales

The universe of Magdales is a fantasy world where you will encounter several species more or less intelligent. The creatures below are familiar to us, and we use them routinely in RPGs ... but to be agree on those definitions, or to teach you, you will find below a brief glossary that will help you find your way :
Giant Spider
Fire Wasp
Swarm of Insects

- Human
The species the most representative, because it adapts easily to different environments. Smart and clever, humans quickly learned the value of trade, politics, science and magic. Their pride is often very pronounced, humans have imagine some great moral notions of thought, such as justice, good, evil. They defend their beliefs with great fervor. Shape as you and me, human being is the reference to other species described below. It can therefore be considered as a moyenne to all points of view.

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- Elf
The elven species is an ancient species, built on fundamental values. Being of great beauty and perfect grace, the elves living in palaces made by magic, resulting of their harmony with Nature. The elves are not warriors at heart, but those who lean towards a military career become terrible war machines. The bow, their weapon symbol reflet of their way to fight : quick, accurate, fatal. Elves are known for their close link with nature, and their resulting 'gifts'.

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- Half-Elf
Between humans and elves, increasingly scarce due to the remoteness of these two species, half-elves are considered strong among humans and weak among the elves, which often leads them to settle with the first one, their progeny eventually become human. If their beauty and grace are far from equaling those of the elves, they have undoubtedly inherited their power to the arc, and their ears are sharper than the average human undoubtedly reflect their origins. They have also inherited an affinity with elven's nature. It explain why most of them become famous healers in big cities at the service of kings, nobles and senior members of different religions.

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- Orc
This species, originally created by a magician to make robust slaves, has been self-sufficient. Winning their freedom by force, they were encourage to wage war for ownership of farmland. Bad tempered and intolerant, the orcs have suffered many schemes designed to eradicate them. Very gullible, clan leaders are able of waging a war of several years against former allies if a traveler makes them understand that they made fun of them . Orcs have a natural magic protection, and a unusual magical Regenerative ability : they can regenerate an arm in less than 2 years. orcs see scars as trophies.

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- Troll
Ancestor away from the orc, the troll creature is a gigantic mass of several meters high. Rejecting because of the large bony plates covering its body a chaotic way, and equipped with fangs of hogs, the Troll is naturally happy. Unloved children of nature, he likes to spend time in physical activity such as hunting and racing. As their strengh is as high as their stupidity, trolls are often hired as mercenaries, for very modest sums. Having no knowledge of the economy, trolls tend to trust people to barter. Such people become friends of the troll. Be careful not to break this friendship, the consequences could be disastrous for you

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- Dwarf
Old beliefs have reported the birth of the dwarfs in an impressive way: out of the toe of a god, dwarves have sought to take root in the earth, others argue that the dwarves come from a inner world, where the highest gravity would have changed their human aspect. As none of these theories have any scientific basis, we will simply describe them. often attracted by money, the dwarfs are excellent traders. The most often, the cases that lead them are much larger than what one might imagine ... For example, a scrap merchant in the city of Stycalde may very well be the owner of the ironworks and mines on the outskirts of the village Tochennium, located thousands of miles away, who provide raw materials. Eager and greedy, the dwarves in fact have the best mines in the world. Their small size allows them to slip into otherwise unusable veins, and their lack of confidence prevents them to hire anyone at all, which could deprive them of the most beautiful crystals!

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- Kobol
Of unknown origin, these small magicians do tricks to delight the adventurous. They perpetually bathed in magic, and that's why they have such perfect control of mana. Unfortunately for them, though having a Register spells overdeveloped, the Kobol have little magical reserves. Only few people can launch more than four spells in a day. Often in groups, Kobol are folded on themselves. Kobol are found mainly in the forest or in the mountains, but rarely on the outskirts of cities.

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- Minotaur
These people have suffered from a curse which terribly misshapen their body: horns on the head, gigantic shoulders, hooves on his feet. They claim for their human status, but the society does not want them. Minotaurs have yet demonstrated that they were of the same species as humans. Agrarian and embittered, they live in the mountains, breathing clean air and driking fresh water, and from sheep herders they stole. Their mean height of 2m40 make them look as monsters in the eyes of humans, who have since invented all sorts of stories about them. Now, minotaurs have accepted their fate, and do not search the human presence anymore. They will defend their territory at all costs against anyone who enters.

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- wolf
These animals are the plague of the human beeing. Far too many, wolves invade the plains, and do not hesitate to attack whole villages in search of food. Wolves dominated their fear of human being, and have become wild beasts. The wolf attacks are no more counted, because it has happen to many time. The human authorities have always claimed their will to end this threat, but they feel it is best that this terror tyrannize humans populations, justifying duty-taxe. Wolves have in reality no more territory to live, and therefore they seek a place to hunt and to live in.

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- Crimtaugle
These are horrible beings fugitive vicious creatures. Misjudged because of their seemingly frail, the crimtaugles are demons whose powers are based on the spirit of nature. On the colossal strength and resistance oak, these creatures having the appearance of a mud puddle a few feet high but can reverse horses on their path. No knowledge about their existence or their appearance in the world of Magdales, has been discovered, unleashing all sorts of legends about their origin. Some stories tell, however, that crimtaugles groups of several hundred individuals were seen ending to destroy a city that was hit by a massive earthquake.

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- Giant Spider
Different shapes, different sizes, and living in different environments, strange species of giant spiders have invaded the world. From the flesh of larger specimens, were able to eat more than 18 guests. These spiders are often quiet and not trying to attack humans. Their main prey are chickens, rabbits and small rodents. It is believed that the origin of the appearance of these spiders is the result of experiments arachnid genome. Another version tells that Mother Nature had invented such monsters as revenge for destroying his human environment ...

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- Fire Wasp
That's a strang light, like a lantern in the distance. So many people have died, according to what they thought was a companion, and who appeared to be a scavenger phosphorescent creature. The fire-wisps live near ponds and swamps, where they attract unwary travelers. The beast itself is not violent, and is very popular for medicinal potions that can be manufactured with.

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- Swarm of Insects
Along the road, and on the plains, it is not uncommon to see strange black clouds. Beware, because sometimes it can be insect that eat the flesh, and leave you like a small pile of bones, sword in hand. Armors are ineffective against insects, so when you encounter such a problem, do not waste time and run. It is recognized that sometimes bugs can poison you by simple contact. In all cases, no lethal weapon is effective against these creatures of evil.

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- >Centaur
Forgotten mythical species, centaurs reappeared in community in a highly technological city. These men, with horses backs, have mastered the bronze, iron, steel, and are specially equipped and shaped for combat. They are always wearing heavyly armors, and are usually equipped with spears they have mastered to perfection. Their only weakness is the fear of magic, used only by theirs shamans.

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- Apeman
Close relatives of the man in their social behavior, ape-men are primarily aggressive animals. Clever, often in groups, ape-men are small and fragile. The chaotic spirit that animates them, has deviated them from their worship of nature. They now follow the path of war and attack anyone who approaches them. But be careful not to underestimate them, because their great ability to dodge makes them very difficult to kill. They have no fear of death and magic because the magic that animates them has promised a better world if they properly it.

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- Elemental
These terrible manifestations are terrible because both of their potential destructive strength and their physique. Devoid of soul, the elementals are directed by a superior force. In the books it is said that there are all kinds of elementary, but no clear description has established their purpose or their behavior. Thus, an elementary appeared in the cartridge of Tarn Tern Ruh, destroying its own half of this city. soothsayers said that this was the manifestation of a god who would not appreciate that humans possess firearms. The elemental spirits can appear as a gigantic hurricane, typhoon, a horde of forest spirit ... The only element common to all minds is their great destructive power, and their uncontrolled nature ! Some books relate the existance of elementary tha would be known by no one, but these books were lost a long time ago (chaos, nature, electricity , fire, water, earth, air, rock, vacuum, gravity, justice, freedom ... to name only the most common of those who have disappeared).

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- Fox

These animals are a major nuisance, since humans colonized the world. Taught by the gods, foxes have gained great wisdom that allows them to avoid the traps set by humans. Smart and agile, the fox prowling the outskirts of villages humans, sometimes robbing a chicken or a goose. Killing a fox not earn you anything more than a bit of gratitude from some villagers.

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- Vampir

The vampires are naturally evil beings that feed on blood. They are much stronger and more robust than men and have great magical potential. They indulge in black magic, necromancy most often, they have hypnotic powers, can fly, and sometimes can transform into any animal (most often in bat or wolf). In some cases, they become invisible or take the form of a gray cloud or a fog. They are quite graceful and agile, without hope to match the elves, and has an attractive and unhealthy beauty who hides a sadistic bestiality desire. Vampires could easily pass for a bit eccentric aristocrats human. They often settle, despite this, in isolated places like a cave, a dungeon or an old manor. They like trapping their prey the way it does not realize the presence of the vampire before two canines' s sink into its neck ...
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- Cyclops

Commonly these are giants, resembling the human being, larger. Some are more singular, more distorted, more stocky. Anyway cyclops are humanoid creatures with a single eye on the forehead, which is larger than twice the average human size. It is difficult to define the look and the affinities of the Cyclops because, like giants, their habits are different, some are more evolved than others, etc.. It is nevertheless known that Cyclops enjoy living on the edge of oceans or on an island, dressed in a loincloth, and their musculature order thme to be powerful manual workers.
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